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Nils the Doll

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Nils, the Ragdoll, is a character indeed. Born of Swedish imagination but brought to life through the intricate threads of India. Nils embodied the fusion of two worlds. Nils is always seen with his trusty sidekick, Socks, the mischievous striped kitten, snugly tucked intro his backpack. Nils has a deep passion for nature, especially the enchanting Swedish forests, and an equally strong love for crafting his own clothes, adding a touch if originality to his every stitch. 

Paired with his good friend Ingrid the Ragdoll, they embarked on endless adventures. So, if you ever find yourself in a Swedish woodland and spot a stylishly dressed Ragdoll, it's probably Nils, a reminder that life's magic lies in the simple things, even in the world of fashion.

Product Dimensions (LxWxH in cm):
Doll: 30x9x5 cm. Pet: 7x6,5x4 cm.
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